Proos Gets Award

An award has been given to state Senator John Proos for his work to promote organ donation in Michigan. This month, the Michigan Secretary of State’s office gave Proos the Shining Star Award. It’s for his role in getting Lauren’s Law approved in the state. Proos tells WSJM News the law requires the Secretary of State to ask people if they want to sign up for the organ donor registry when they renew their licenses.

“One of the biggest benefits to this is that we’ve seen a spike in the number of people who are willing to be on the organ donor registry,” Proos said. “[There are] tens of thousands of people every day waiting for just exactly that, a life-saving organ donation.”

Lauren’s Law is named for a 9-year-old New York resident who received a heart transplant and became the public face of organ donation in her state. The Michigan Secretary of State’s office tells us the number of Michigan residents signed up for the organ donor registry has more than doubled since 2011.