Police Continue Texting Enforcement

Troopers from the Michigan State Police post in Niles will be out in extra force for the rest of this month watching out for distracted drivers. MSP Sergeant Matt Waters tells WSJM News police statewide are taking part in the extra enforcement. As a cop, he’s seen it all.

“I’ve seen people reading, studying for tests or reading books, watching movies from a laptop on their seats or a pad,” Water said. “I’ve seen all kinds of personal hygiene, whether it be flossing, shaving, putting makeup on, people eating.”

The official statistic is that about 10% of crashes are due to distracted driving, but Waters thinks the real figure is much higher. He tells us it’s easy to forget how dangerous driving really is and become distracted by something else when behind the wheel, but there’s something everyone should keep in mind.

“It only takes once to change your life, and it’s just not worth it,” Waters said.

Waters tells us the fine for texting while driving is $100 to $200. In particular, troopers are watching out for texters.