Health Department Fights Underage Drinking

April is Alcohol Awareness Month, and the Berrien County Health Department is hoping to remind all parents and young people about the dangers of underage drinking. The department’s Lisa Peeples-Hurst tells WSJM News the brain doesn’t stop developing until the age of 25 for some. Introducing alcohol to a young brain can make a variety of already-existing problems even worse.

“Young people who do start drinking at an early age have some problems with risky behaviors,” Peeples-Hurst said. “A lot of binge drinking, which is too much alcohol in the system at one time. Also, teen driving.”

Peeples-Hurst says teens who have talked with their parents about the dangers of alcohol abuse are 50% less likely to become drinkers. She adds a good resource to help parents start that conversation about alcohol with their teens is Peeples-Hurst also recommends