Former Bangor Chief Charged In Vehicle Case

The Michigan Attorney General’s office has announced charges against seven police officers from around the state for allowing improper salvage vehicle inspections. Included on the list of those charged is a former police chief from Bangor. Attorney General spokesperson Megan Hawthorne tells WSJM News it is the job of police to allow re-certifications for vehicles once deemed salvage and then repaired.

“A salvage title is issued for a vehicle that has become a distressed vehicle, for example when a vehicle is totaled,” Hawthorne said. “A vehicle with a salvage title cannot get a license plate or be used on a public road until it is re-certified.”

Hawthorne says the seven police officials allowed those re-certifications when they shouldn’t have. That means vehicles that were unsafe or contained stolen parts could have wound up back on the road. A total of 101 charges of uttering and publishing were announced Thursday against seven police officers. They include 39-year-old Elaine Danishevskaya, a former Bangor Police Chief now of Davisburg. She faces 25 counts and up to 14 years in prison.