SJ Commission Signs Off On Krasl Work

St. Joseph City Commissioners have given the green light to the Krasl Art Center as it seeks an improvement project for its grounds to attract more visitors. At a Monday meeting, the commission signed off on a Planned Unit Development request for Krasl as it pursues more than $1.4 million in work. Krasl’s Julia Gourley told WSJM News they’ll add a commissioned sculpture along with some other features.

“We’ll also have a gathering space, a flat kind of amphitheater space where people could potential gather and have little informal skits of performances,” Gourley said. “There will be a sort of fire feature close to the Krasl entrance so people can gather rear-round.”

There will also be a informal seating area. Objections were raised by some nearby residents to Krasl’s plans to rent space for events. The concerns were about noise and parking. Mayor Mike Garey proposed a compromise that limits the events to two per month during a two year probationary period with yearly commission review. The idea passed over a single no vote from Commissioner Jeff Richards. Ground on the Krasl improvements should be broken in May with completion in October.