Animal Control Taking Care Of Pets From Flood Areas

Berrien County Animal Control has been busy the last couple of weeks due to the flooding. It’s been Animal Control’s job to round up pets in evacuated areas and then hold on to them until their owners can reconnect. The Berrien County Sheriff’s Department tells us any pet owners ready to pick up Fido or Bowser can contact animal control. For now, Berrien County Animal Control is providing the displaced flood victims with Starter Pet Packs. For dogs, they include food, dishes, a collar, and a leash. For cats, they include a litterbox, litter, cat food, bowls, a collar, and a carrier if needed. Also, at this time, Berrien County Animal Control needs donations of pet items. They include things like dishes, blankets, paper towels, kitty litter and dish soap. Anything you can give will be appreciated. You can reach Berrien County Animal Control at (269) 927-5648.