Niles Leaders Ask Residents For Caution

Officials in Niles continue to ask residents to stay away from flood-affected areas. This as the city assesses the damage done this week from the flooding.

The city of Niles has released the following statement:

“While the St. Joseph River is now receding, the City of Niles continues to urge extreme caution near flooded areas even if the water is gone. Flooding models indicate that the St. Joseph River will still be at major flood levels through the middle of next week and minor levels by the end.

The City urges everyone to use extreme caution around floodwaters. Floodwaters conceal hazards and are often deep with swift currents. Floodwaters also contain contaminates and debris which can be dangerous and harmful to your health. Do not approach downed powerlines, flood debris or other potentially dangerous obstacles.

As of this morning, City crews identified 46 homes and 9 commercial structures that took on floodwater. Streets impacted include Marmont, Phoenix, Front, River, Parkway, Bond, 2nd and 3rd between Ferry and Eagle. Affected areas also include Riverfront Park between the YMCA and Fort Street, the City’s Waste Water Plant which continues to operate at full capacity and the City’s bus system, the Dial-A-Ride, which is temporarily operating out of City’s Law Enforcement Complex.

Please take caution near barricaded roads. Until City engineers inspect for structural damage that could cause the roads to collapse, please do not cross barriers and other road blocks. This process may take 7-14 days as it is important that we carefully inspect for the safety of our community and those traveling along our roads.

The IN-MI River Falley Trail that runs through Niles remains flooded in most areas and is not safe for use. We ask that everyone find alternative walking routes and to please stay off of the trail near the St. Joseph River until further notice.
Anyone that observes damage to a road in the flood zone or other municipal infrastructure is asked to please call the City of Niles and report your observations.”