Proos Praises Elimination Of Driver Fees

The elimination of driver responsibility fees in Michigan is a good thing, according to state Senator John Proos. He tells us those fees, created in 2003, were just on top of the penalty some drivers, like drunk drivers, were assessed for their infractions. Hundreds of millions are collectively owed in the state because of them.

“Driver responsibility fees were a failed experiment in an effort to try to keep people responsible on the roads,” Proos said. “The name itself says that. Driver responsibility fees. We assessed penalties that were just simply revenue generation, revenue generation that didn’t happen because folks just couldn’t pay.”

The legislature voted this week to do away with the fees this October. Fees that are owed will be forgiven. Secretary of State Ruth Johnson also praised the move. Proos tells us dropping those fees will enable folks who have lost their licenses to get moving again and back to work. Also this week, state lawmakers moved to raise Michigan’s personal tax exemption to $4,900 by 2021. Proos says continued tax relief will spur economic development.