What’s Next For Al Pscholka?

Michigan Budget Director Al Pscholka is not going to get into the race for the 21st District state Senate seat currently held by John Proos.

“The bottom line was really quality of life for me and my family,” Pscholka tells WSJM News. “I think I’ve dodged enough semis and potholes on I-94 and I’m really looking forward to getting closer to home, and spend more time serving in the local community.”

The former state representative says he is instead going after a different opportunity in southwest Michigan and says the area will be well-served by whomever wins the 21st this fall. Proos cannot run again for that seat or the House due to term limits, and Pscholka was term-limited out of the House after the last term. The Stevensville Republican is stepping down as Governor Snyder’s budget director at the end of this month after the governor presents his budget to the Legislature. That’s due to be released on Wednesday. As far as another run for office, don’t look for it. Pscholka says he was always “more interested in policy and constituent service than I was in running for office or the politics of it, so I would rule out running for elected office in the future.”