BH Police To Get New Radios

The Benton Harbor Department of Public Safety will be getting some new radios. City Commissioners on Tuesday approved the purchase of 22 police radios at a cost of $31,500. A $25,000 grant pays for most of it, with Public Safety Director Dan McGinnis telling commissioners the extra money makes these replacements a lot easier.

“We were going to try to piecemeal it, maybe get five or ten a year,” McGinnis said. “The problem is that puts us back three or four years later, and then we have to start the whole process again.”

City commissioners also spent much of Tuesday’s meeting grilling the city manager about items in the latest accounts payable report. Their questions concerned the purchase of some space heaters, Abonmarche assessments, and phone lines at Jean Klock Park. Commissioner Ron Singleton told the public it just shows the commissioners “really do care about your money.”