Van Buren County Animal Shelter Closed To Public Due To Illness

The Van Buren County Animal Control Shelter is closed to the public due to a disease outbreak. Van Buren County Sheriff’s Department Lieutenant Jim Charon tells WSJM News they’ve detected Parvo at the shelter in Hartford.

“A stray dog came into the shelter, and then kind of passed the sickness off to everybody else that was in the shelter, and so a lot of the dogs have contracted Parvo,” Charon said. “Some of the dogs are dying because of this disease.”

The dogs are being treated, but Charon tells us it will likely be two weeks before the public will be allowed back in. That’s because visitors could carry the bug back home to their own pooches. Parvo is an intestinal illness. Charon notes it is somewhat common with dogs and does show up at the shelter from time to time.