Frigid Weather Expected To Continue Through Mid January

The cold weather isn’t leaving us anytime soon. WNDU Meteorologist Mike Hoffman tells us you can expect to be freezing for the next two weeks. He tells WSJM News we may have reached some record lows in the last week. The coldest point was Monday night into Tuesday morning. Hoffman notes South Bend did get colder than Berrien County.

“Lake effect clouds tend to act like a blanket and keep you warmer,” Hoffman said. “If you want to call minus five warmer, that’s what it was. We were minus 15 in South Bend, and so I’m sure Niles got down to minus 15 or 14.”

Hoffman tells us we can expect many nights and a few days of single digit temps the next couple of weeks. Even when it warms up, it will still only be about 20. Remember to bundle up. Hoffman says you can get frostbite quickly in weather this cold. Avoid being outside for more than 15 minutes or so.