Police Remind Holiday Shoppers To Be Cautious

Holiday shopping time is now, and police say you need to keep your guard up to avoid thieves. Berrien County Sheriff’s Department Deputy Kelly Laesch tells WSJM News you should have a plan if you get separated with your buddy, park in well-lit areas, and don’t leave packages sitting out in the open in your car.

“If your car does not have a trunk and you can see in, make sure you’re covering things using the grocery covers in the back,” Laesch said. “Pull those shut or bring an extra blanket to throw over things.”

Laesch adds this is the time of year when packages get stolen from porches. Track any deliveries you’re getting and arrange to have a trusted acquaintance grab them for you. Better yet, have packages delivered to the home of a retired relative. Also remember that many local police departments will do home checks if you’re out of town.