Net Neutrality Repeal Expected This Month

Using the internet could soon be a different experience. With the FCC all but certain to eliminate protections requiring internet users to be granted equal access to all content, Lake Michigan College computer information systems instructor Jay Keeler tells WSJM News one scenario is that you’ll signing up for internet the way you sign up for TV.

“If you subscribe to cable, you get a base package,” Keeler said. “If you want to access HBO, you can get it but it’s more money. If you want HBO and Cinemax, it’s even more money but it’s cheaper as a bundle. In other words, you add all of these things a la carte.”

Keeler said the internet has never worked that way before, noting most countries will still have rules requiring open access. LMC political science professor Tiffany Bohm isn’t holding her breath for Congress to do anything.

“Legislation was presented back in 2006,” Bohm said. “The House presented some legislation. It passed the House, and went to the Senate and it died in the Senate. There’s been proposed legislation back and forth from Republicans and Democrats and it’s very partisan.”

December 14 is the day the FCC will vote on a net neutrality repeal. Keeler says internet providers want to feel as though they’re getting a return on their infrastructure investments by charging more to some online services. Critics say the repeal amounts to censorship.