Palisades Discusses Local Investment At BH Open House

The Palisades nuclear power plant this week held an informational open house Wednesday in downtown Benton Harbor. Entergy representatives were on hand to take any questions the public had. Palisades spokesperson Val Gent told us what the open house was about.

“The first hour, we had a poster board session where the public was able to go around and talk with different experts about things at the plant,” Gent said.

Gent told us that just because Palisades is closing in 2022, that doesn’t mean Entergy isn’t still investing big in the facility. She told us about some work done there this past year.

“Replacing our cooling tower, which was approximately a $36 million investment, and a very successful refueling and maintenance outage,” Gent said.

The open house included a formal presentation and a public question and answer session.