Plan Requires Balanced Budget By July Or Lawmakers Don’t Get Paid

A new plan has been introduced in the Michigan House that would require a balanced state budget to be approved by July 1 each year. State Representative Beth Griffin of Mattawan is a sponsor and tells WSJM News it’s essential for many entities in Michigan to know what they’re going to get in the coming fiscal year.

“Schools and local governments both rely on state funding to operate,” Griffin said. “In order for them to effectively plan for their budget, we have to do our part by setting that budget by July 1 so they can operate effectively.”

Under the new resolution, if lawmakers don’t approve a balanced budget by July 1 each year, they will not get paid until a budget is approved. The plan will be referred to the House Appropriations Committee, and if approved by two thirds of both the House and Senate, it would go before voters.