Pokagon Fund Continues Support For Harbor Country Vision Program

$30,000 is being donated this year by the Pokagon Fund to a Lions Club project that provides eyeglasses to low-income residents around Harbor Country. The Pokagon Fund’s Janet Cocciarelli tells WSJM News the Lions Club has been working for the fund on this service for seven years now.

“If a child at the local school, for example, has a health exam and it’s determined that child needs some sort of further exam for their eyesight, they are able to go and get an eye exam and the necessary glasses through the Pokagon Fund vision program,” Cocciarelli said.

In the past seven years, the Pokagon Fund has provided $450,000 to the Lions Club vision program. The fund donates a small portion of Four Winds Casino revenues to non-profits all over southern Berrien County. That’s amounted to more than $25 million in the past ten years.