Plan Would Let Undocumented Workers Get Driver’s Licenses

Legislation has been introduced in the Michigan House that would allow for undocumented immigrants to get driver’s licenses in the state. Backed by state Representative Dave Pagel of Berrien Springs, the plan is intended to address the fact undocumented migrants are here and need to be able to move around. Pagel tells us many of those workers go to Illinois to get their licenses and registrations.

“We need to solve the immigration issue with good guest worker programs and things like that, but we also need to recognize that a lot of these people are here and live and work in our state,” Pagel said. “Give them an opportunity to drive legally, pay insurance, pay their license fees.”

Pagel tells us he knows the bill is unlikely to get traction in the state House given the animus toward illegal immigrants lately, but says at least it could start the conversation. He notes many farms, including his own Berrien Springs apple orchard, have increasingly been unable to find enough workers to help them do the picking each year.