Niles Scream Park Announces Yearly Scholarships

12 students from southwest Michigan high schools are receiving scholarships from the Niles Scream Park thanks to their service in the past year. The Scream Park’s Pete Carlowitz tells WSJM News they’re able to hand out a record amount to students.

“The amount of money we gave away this year, this was just an incredible year for the amount of volunteer hours that were there and we had the money,” Carlowitz said. “So, the actual total this year was $4,500 for 12 different students.”

The non-profit Scream Park uses a portion of its proceeds to support a variety of local charities. Carlowitz tells us the scholarships this year are going to students from Niles, Brandywine, Edwardsburg, and Cassopolis. Since 1996, the Scream Park has raised more than $1.4 million for southwest Michigan charities.

The students receiving scholarships are:

Jaycee Meyer, Niles High School

Paige Pomranka, Brandywine High School

Cade Stephenson, Niles High School

Sarah Blumka, Brandywine High School

Rachel Mackey, Niles High School

Michelle Stevens, Niles High School

Samuel Burge, Brandywine High School

Alexis Garcia, Brandywine High School

Drew Mikel, Niles High School

Clayton Sidenbender, Edwardsburg High School

Michael Stowe, Brandywine High School

Mary Wright, Ross Beatty High School