SWM Tea Party Leader Talks GOP Healthcare Bill

Some southwest Michigan conservatives are not pleased with the healthcare bill approved this week by the U.S. House of Representatives. Van-Kal Tea Party Patriots Chair Gene Clem tells WSJM News they got together Thursday, and he doesn’t recall one member supporting the plan. The problem, he tells us, is that it keeps the government involved in healthcare, rather than letting the free market sort it all out. He says the House GOP dropped the ball on the issue of healthcare reform

“There were solutions available that were very acceptable,” Clem said. “They decided to ignore them. They told everybody that there wasn’t any. So, people are just feeling that they’ve been lied to. They got the Tea Party people up in arms to vote for them again, and then they’ve pulled the football away, just like Lucy.”

Clem says the latest GOP plan just “muddies the water.” He’s not surprised Congressman Fred Upton voted for it, but is surprised Congressman Justin Amash supported it.