Lakeshore High School Students To Talk Suicide Prevention This Week

All of this coming week, students at Lakeshore High School will be talking about suicide prevention. Principal Brad Brunner tells WSJM News the kids have organized a series of events set to kick off Monday with an assembly. He says the work they’ve done to make a difference has been impressive.

“We think that this being a student-led assembly will lead to that,” Brunner said. “We’ve seen other student-led assemblies have a much bigger impact on our students than adult-led assemblies. So, that assembly starts on Monday, and then throughout the course of the week, they have a series of things that are planned.”

Money will also be raised for the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention. Brunner says the week will feature sales, discussions, and games. About 30 businesses have chipped in. The principal thinks it’s a great idea to spread awareness about something that can be a very touchy subject that’s hard to talk about.