AARP Volunteers Signing Up Flint Residents For New Pipes

Volunteers with the AARP of Michigan are working to help Flint residents hit by the city’s water crisis. As work continues to replace lead service lines between streets and homes, dozens of volunteers are going door to door, getting consent forms signed to help expedite the process. AARP Michigan Director Paula Cunningham.

“I wish I had the words to describe the kind of response we get when we knock on the doors. We’ve seen everything from a woman crying who said, in her words, we’re doing god’s work to a gentlemen who just literally raised his shirt and then showed us the rash which he attributed to the lead in the water and just gave us a big hug. “

AARP conducted a survey this summer of older Flint adults which showed many feel pipe replacement is the biggest priority in addressing the water crisis. Mayor Karen Weaver recently announced eight hundred homes will receive new water pipes in phase three of the FAST Start Initiative.