GVSU Investigating Fourth Sexual Assault Since August

A sexual assault on Tuesday near the campus of Grand Valley State University makes four since the start of the school year. And now,officials are cracking down. GVSU President Tom Haas says it’s hard to come to grips with what’s happening.

“Our students are part of my collective family. I’m a dad and a granddad. When you hear of these circumstances on campus, off campus to our students, it does impact us personally. I’m devastaed, actually,” said Haas. The most recent incident happened Tuesday. All of the assaults have been off campus, but within a mile or so of the main location in Allendale. Haas says they’re working with neighboring apartment complexes.

“We reached out to our property owners and said ‘Hey, you guys got to really up your game as we’re upping our game to ensure the safety of our students, wherever they are.”

Police patrols are increasing on and off campus at GVSU in an attempt to find the suspects.