Scam Investigated In Hartford

Van Buren County residents are being cautioned about a scam that a Hartford resident fell victim to about a week ago. The sheriff’s department says a gold, tan or bronze-colored Chevrolet pickup pulled into a driveway, and four people got out. The victim tells police the truck had the word “roofing” on the side of the truck as part of a decal, but wasn’t able to determine everything that was there.

One of the four people from the truck talked to the victim about a previous roof installation and said it needed a minor repair, and collected $120 for the work. The other three allegedly went through the house, opening doors, but not taking anything, while the main suspect distracted the victim. Deputies say that suspect then faked having a seizure at that point, and was helped to the truck, and all four left without doing any work. They never returned to the home. Anyone with information is asked to call the Van Buren County Sheriff’s Department.