Proos Talks Committee Findings On Violent Crime In Michigan

State Senator John Proos says Michigan is doing a better job of catching violent criminals with recent programs it’s put in place. Proos co-chaired a hearing recently on violent crime where he outlined statistics that show while the overall prison population is down, the percentage of violent crimes to be solved is up 10% over 10 years. Proos says the offenders are where they belong.

“Those individuals are dangerous individuals who have been sent to prison where they are rehabilitated, and if they are not rehabilitated, then they’re kept behind bars where there’s safety and security for the citizens of Michigan,” Proos said.

The state Senate passed a bipartisan package of 21 bills in June to reform and modernize Michigan’s criminal justice system. Proos says as the crime rate drops and prisoners return to society with better outcomes, taxpayers benefit with safer communities and increased savings.