AAA: Stop Playing Pokemon GO While Driving

AAA of Michigan is warning drivers to put down their Pokemon GO games while behind the wheel. Spokesperson Gary Bubar says there have already been reports of crashes caused by players, with one man in New York hitting a tree because he was trying to catch ’em all while driving. Bubar says playing with a phone app behind the wheel is a recipe for disaster.

“The distraction issue is enough without trying to play a video game while you’re driving,” Bubar told WSJM. “Keep in mind for every mile that we drive, we have about 20 decisions that we make, we’re going to make a mistake every two or three miles, anyway. We don’t need to compound those issues by adding a video game to it.”

Bubar says drivers should also watch out for any pedestrians that might be glued to their phones, about to walk into the road in search of a creature to catch. Anyone who causes a crash as a result of playing a game could face serious charges and hefty fines.