Secret Sound

Secret Sound on SuperHits 103.7 COSY FM!

Presented by McFadden’s Friendly Motors in South Haven.

Every weekday at 7:10am, Paul Layendecker plays the Secret Sound for ca$h.

Guess correctly, win the ca$h! When you don’t we add $10.37 every weekday until you do.

It could be anything. It’s your guess!

Click PLAY to hear the current Secret Sound BELOW!!


 She guessed “Opening A tea bag” for $528.88 

Edward Isom of Benton Harbor. “Opening a plastic bottle of water” for $570.36  

Diane Stanton of Gobles. “Pulling bills out of my wallet” for $207.41 

Don Burleson  “A Tape Measure” for $31.11!

 Judy Andres from Coloma “Taking Plastic off a roll of Paper Towels” $539.25

Bill Meize from Grand Rapids guessed “Tying a Shoe” for $500 just before Christmas!

Jamie Skuka won $260.00 Feb. 5th. for guessing  “Shaking Pennies in a cup”

CJudy Shirley of St. Joe won $601.47 for guessing “Peeling Hard Boiled Eggs”

Here is the current McFaddens Secret Sound


WCSY Secret Sound Contest Rules

The following contest details are applicable to the SECRET SOUND CONTEST along with the general rules listed at

The Secret Sound Contest takes place each weekday morning at approximately 7:10am. Paul Layendecker will take one caller to guess the ‘Secret Sound Effect.’

Prize: Each ‘round’ has a separate jackpot that begins at $10.37, and is increased by $10.37 each day until the sound is guessed correctly.

The current Secret Sound can be heard on line anytime by clicking on “Secret Sound” at or live on the air weekday mornings approximately 7:10am when the contest is conducted.

 One guaranteed winner per round of the contest. When a sound is identified, a new contest will begin the next business day.

Employees of sponsors & their immediate families* are not eligible to enter or play or win.  

* Immediate Family shall include spouses, parents, children, siblings, grandparents, grandchildren and co-habitating “significant other”.  Residents of the same household are also considered “Immediate Family“, whether or not related by blood or marriage.