The Deep Dive Podcast

The Deep Dive Podcast with Zack East profiles your favorite COSY artists and the weird and interesting facts that made them famous.

Free – The Deep Dive Podcast

In 1968, the members of Free came together featuring a young Paul Rodgers at the helm. The band wasn’t necessarily known for their studio albums, but instead, their non-stop touring and live shows drove their success, save

Chicago – The Deep Dive Podcast

February 1967, Chicago, Illinois. Saxophonist Walter Parazaider, guitarist Terry Kath, drummer Danny Seraphine, trombonist James Pankow, trumpet player Lee Loughnane, and keyboardist/singer Robert Lamm got a meeting together to talk about the development of a new band.

Sweet – The Deep Dive Podcast

Originally “Sweetshop,” glam rockers SWEET were formed in London in 1968 with their first hit, Funny Funny, which sounded an awful lot like something The Archies would have created in a bubblegum pop explosion. The 70s treated