The Deep Dive Podcast

The Deep Dive Podcast with Zack East profiles your favorite COSY artists and the weird and interesting facts that made them famous.

U2 – The Deep Dive Podcast

1976 in Dublin, Ireland, a superstar rock and pop group came together, featuring several “one named” members like Bono and The Edge. They are U2. Now, let’s take a Deep Dive into their success: The band’s original

Free – The Deep Dive Podcast

In 1968, the members of Free came together featuring a young Paul Rodgers at the helm. The band wasn’t necessarily known for their studio albums, but instead, their non-stop touring and live shows drove their success, save

Chicago – The Deep Dive Podcast

February 1967, Chicago, Illinois. Saxophonist Walter Parazaider, guitarist Terry Kath, drummer Danny Seraphine, trombonist James Pankow, trumpet player Lee Loughnane, and keyboardist/singer Robert Lamm got a meeting together to talk about the development of a new band.