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Expert Offers Tips On Dealing With Coyotes

From the Associated Press — Having problems with coyotes? The resourceful species is turning up increasingly in urban neighborhoods as well as its traditional countryside habitat. The Michigan Department of Natural Resources has advice for people who aren’t

LaSata Introduces Court Security Bills

A plan to improve security at courthouses across Michigan has been introduced in the state House, and one sponsor is Representative Kim LaSata. She tells WSJM News the three bill package expands the definition of assaulting a

Buchanan Tables Medical Marijuana Vote

Benton Harbor has already hit the brakes on allowing medical marijuana dispensaries, and now Buchanan has, too. The city commission last night tabled a vote on allowing dispensaries under state law until March 27. Mayor Brenda Hess

MI Home Builders Holding Summits This Month

Housing permits were up more than 11% last year in Michigan while home prices were up nearly 6%. The Home Builders Association held a Housing Permit Summit in Marquette Monday. Political affairs director Dawn Crandall tells us they are