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Upton Braces For Impeachment Vote


Congressman Fred Upton will vote no when the impeachment vote is taken by the U.S. House. He tells WSJM News he doesn’t expect his vote to change the result, though. “Of course, Speaker Pelosi has a sizable

Ford To Add 3,000 Jobs In Detroit


From the Associated Press — Ford Motor Company is adding 3,000 jobs at two factories in the Detroit area. It’s also investing $1.45 billion to build new pickup trucks, SUVs, and electric and autonomous vehicles. The company

Berrien County Golf Course Sold

From the Associated Press — A Berrien County golf course has been sold and could be turned into a residential development. Signal Point Golf Club near Niles has been around since the 1960s. The South Bend Tribune

DNR Land Auction Underway


Now underway is the annual Michigan Department of Natural Resources land auction. DNR resources specialist Michael Michalek tells WSJM News the agency sells off properties obtained through tax reversion to help acquire other properties or to run