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Van Buren Health Department Talks Flu

Influenza, better known of the flu, has been in the news nationwide due to a widespreadoutbreak in the south, and Van Buren County hasn’t been immune to cases. Van Buren-Cass District Health Department Medical Director Larry Wile

Car Expert talks Winter Maintenance

Ice buildup on your windshield wiper is not only annoying, it can be dangerous. A possible solution would be winter wiper blades. Jonathon Woodhams of Woodhams Ford-Lincoln in South Haven told WSJM News how winter blades are

DNR Talks Snowmobile Safety

Don’t drive a snowmobile on ice. That’s the advice of the Michigan Department of Natural Resources. Law Enforcement Division Lieutenant Tom Wanless spoke with WSJM News about snowmobile safety. “There’s never really a great time to operate