Survey Looks At Concerns Of Older Voters

With the nation heading into an election, there are some key matters older Michiganders care about that transcend partisan politics. In a new AARP survey of Michigan voters age 50-plus, 54% said they support Joe Biden, and 40% support Donald Trump. However, they are united in some other areas. Mark Hornbeck with AARP Michigan tells us a majority of older voters would favor candidates who will protect Social Security, strengthen Medicare, and lower prescription drug prices. He adds a majority also say more needs to be done to protect the health of people living in nursing

83% said they’re more likely to back candidates who come up with some kind of a program to protect nursing home residents because as everyone knows, folks who live in nursing homes have been especially hard-hit by COVID-19.”

Hornbeck says while voters 50-plus make up a crucial voting population, 88% of those polled in Michigan said they’re concerned that Congress won’t address the problems they face. 90% are worried that the nation is becoming even more divided.