South Haven Proceeding Cautiously With Next Fiscal Year’s Budget

The city of South Haven is moving forward with its budget proposal for the coming fiscal year as it was worked out prior to the COVID-19 pandemic. City Manager Brian Dissette says they presented that idea to the city council this week. He says they advised them to accept the budget in its current format, accepting there will likely be “a series of amendments to the budget document as we truly understand the impacts of the health crisis, and then can better understand the potential for an economic slowdown,” Dissette tells WSJM News.

Dissette says the budget was put together with the city council priorities of combating high water issues and developing more housing. He adds the global pandemic and looming recession combined with the high levels of Lake Michigan and the Black River are combining to form an unprecedented challenge. Dissette says South Haven’s revenue stream is in good shape for this fiscal year, but says the council and staff need to trim as much from the budget as possible to be able to handle any downturn next year and beyond.