Lakeland To Require Visitors To Get ID Badges

A new policy is going into effect at Spectrum Health Lakeland hospital in St. Joseph requiring visitors to wear ID badges. Starting December 2, anyone age 12 or older visiting someone at the in-patient area of the hospital will have to get a badge. Visitors will be required to present a valid photo ID to the front desk which will be scanned into the system to create the badge. Photos can also be taken on-site for those too young to have an ID. The new badges will be color coded for each individual floor and will self-expire after 24 hours. If a visitor plans to be at the hospital longer than 24 hours, they will need to go back to the front desk to have another badge issued to them. Spectrum Health Lakeland Safety Director Rich Matthews says studies have shown healthcare is the second most violent profession in the country, and this new requirement can help ensure everyone is protected. Plans are also in the works to begin issuing badges in the emergency department