Sweet – The Deep Dive Podcast

Originally “Sweetshop,” glam rockers SWEET were formed in London in 1968 with their first hit, Funny Funny, which sounded an awful lot like something The Archies would have created in a bubblegum pop explosion.

The 70s treated Sweet very well, with 13 different songs that made the Top 20 in the UK, including 1973’s Ballroom Blitz. Enter 1974 and 1975, when their harder rock edge began to show with hits like Turn It Down and Fox on the Run, a song that reached number two on the UK charts.

Always striving for a fun and energetic sound with other US top ten hits like Little Willy, Sweet began to slow down in 1979 as members of the band began departing for solo careers and other new jobs. As with most bands that disband, Sweet ended up with two different former members creating two different “new” versions of the band.

The two surviving members of the band are still active in their respective versions of the band with Guitarist Andy Scott basing his version of the band in the UK only; while Bassist Steve Priest continues Sweet in the US. This parity between the two bands is achieved by one going by the name, “The Sweet,” while the other operates as “Sweet.”