Keeping Your A/C Cooling Your House In Extreme Heat

Air conditioners are buzzing and likely won’t be turning off until next week all over southwest Michigan with this heat bubble that’s slowly moving over the eastern U.S. In order to be sure your home stays as cool as it can, Michael Levy of Airmaster Heating and Air Conditioning in metro Detroit says you should make sure you have a clean air filter, and that you’ve hosed off all the coils in the outside unit. But the thermostat may still take a while to go down inside your home if you keep it set in the low 70s.

“On a 96, 97 degree day, it would not be uncommon especially if the sun was beating into the house, that if you had it set for 72, the house may still be 76, 77, 78 and you’ll have to wait for the sun and the temperature to go down to catch up a little bit,” said Levy. He says closing off vents to areas like the basement and small bathrooms can help. Levy also recommends hosing off the coils on your central air unit and making sure your air filter is clean to keep things running at peak efficiency.