County Road Association Recommends Routes For Fall Color Tours

It’s almost time to start planning your fall color tour in Michigan, and the state association of road commissions has released its list of recommended routes if you want to get the most spectacular views possible. Director Denise Donohue tells WSJM News you’ll find the best roads away from the major highways.

“They’re going to be probably two-lane roads, as opposed to freeways,” Donohue said. “We could get some nice color from the freeway, but it’s not the kind of ambiance that we think of when we think Pure Michigan.”

For southwest Michigan, the best viewing times will be between the 23rd and the 30th of this month, while the Upper Peninsula is at peak viewing between now and the 14th. The full list for southwest Michigan is below.

Blue Star Highway to M-63
M-63 south to St. Joseph
Red Arrow Highway from Stevensville to Lakeshore Road in New Buffalo
Red Arrow Highway to Union Pier then back to Warren Woods Road
Red Arrow Highway to Madron Lake Road in Buchanan.